Wednesday, 7 March 2018

On being a woman

Feminism has indeed done a lot to give women a chance to carve a niche for themselves. But in the contemporary context, is the feminist narrative of gender equality truly enough? Should we really fight for 'equality' with men? What will we truly gain by proving that we are equal to men. 

Isn't it more worthwhile to feel the richness of being a women instead? To indulge in serious introspection and find out who we really are, what we truly desire for our happiness and peace?

The glory of being a woman, cannot be felt by trying to become like a man. Modern society has created a sense of insecurity in women, they feel they need to copy men, discarding their feminine qualities if they need to earn respect.

But more than ever, women need to feel sufficient within themselves. We are the life force of this universe, we contain the power of knowledge and spirituality, it is we who are the axis wheel of the nurturing home and culture. 

Women fighting for equality from men is petty, since women are as distinct as the North Star in the night sky. Both women and men have their own strengths and claiming to be same is not worth any gain. It is increasingly relevant for us to nurture the feminine power and channelize it for the greater good.

In the Vedic texts, the woman is called Aditi - the one who is not dependent; she is Devi - the one who is divine; she is Jyoti - ever illuminating; she is Saraswati - the  scholarly one! The women Rishika in the Rig Ved like Gargi, Maitreyi, Lopamudra, Indrani, Aditi, Atreyi among others were epitomes of spiritual and intellectual knowledge, because they truly believed in their inner strength. They were not competing against any men, they were competing against themselves to be a finer version of their own self.

This Women's Day, let us pledge to find that inner confidence and celebrate the uniqueness of being a woman. Instead of trying to imitate men, let us nurture the Goddess within!

Monday, 19 February 2018


“…Don't write what you know. Find out what you know by writing...”

Read this quote somewhere and it led me to think….What do I know? How do you counter a perfectionist strain sewn deep in the fabric of your personality?

‘I am what I am’ – I see it on a famous branded T-shirt. Youngsters wear it proudly – but it makes me wonder, whether people even know their real selves.

Society doesn't allow our true nature to blossom.

Modern education kills it so thoroughly that we aren't even aware of that brutal murder.
You want to be better (read perfect) in your relationships. When you fail in it, you hold yourself guilty. You keep badgering yourself – that is where I went wrong. That is where I continually keep going wrong. Why can’t I get it right? Why can’t I be like the imaginary perfectionist I have in my mind?

That ideal girl! The prefect daughter, who worked hard and became a doctor, married a rich man, sits in her lush house – with her perfect social life. Is that what I really wanted? That perfect girlfriend/wife/mother/daughter-in-law – who can forgive anything under the sun – who is only giving, and wants nothing in return – is that I what I really want?

Who is ME? The real me – who has been hidden below the depths of fake persona which I am trying to be? She never got a chance to breathe. I need to explore my core and start discovering myself.

But now, as I have joined this course, life is taking a new turn; seems to me like I am on an exciting
uncharted territory. I am learning to set my feet on the ground. Beginning to feel that, in time I might be able to feel safe in my own skin, in my environment. This world, which partly I chose, was willing to accept me just the way I was, but perhaps I wasn’t ready for it.

May be the shy bud is about to open and bloom...

[Written in Oct, 2013]

Monday, 6 February 2017

Depression - The Black Dog

I just finished writing my suicide note; to make sure that if I do get to a point where my suicidal impulse overtakes my cognitive faculties, at least no body is held responsible for the act.

I need to be sure that people know it is because if an illness that I died. Just like people die of cancer, of a stroke etc., I died of Major Depressive Disorder with severe symptoms of suicidal tendencies.

My life is perfect to an outsider (or even to any close relative), I am married with two gorgeous daughters. I am 35 year old, whole life ahead of me; I am physically healthy, with a normal BMI, loving family, most people consider me to be above average in looks. No physical illnesses. 

No illness -  they think. 

But I have been battling with an invisible illness. One which is gnawing me from the inside, one which takes my sleep away, which gores me with dark intrusive thoughts, which makes lose appetite, which gives me vague psychosomatic pains all over my body, one which makes me irritable and unreasonable at times, one which makes me a liability to those around me. 

How does one describe Depression? Most people think Depression is simply a low mood phase triggered by a crisis which one snap out of... 

Stanford University professor (Biology, Neurology and Neurosurgery) Robert Sapolsky who is also a Neuroendocrinologist and Author, says that, "Depression is absolutely crippling, Depression is absolutely pervasive....I will make an argument here that basically Depression is the worst disease you can get".

You will feel numb, empty, hollow from inside. No appetite, no concentration, insomnia/over-sleeping, you will stop enjoying things which gave you pleasure before. You will simply want to kill yourself because you feel worthless, unwanted and ugly. 

Unless you keep getting constant reassurance from the loved ones, you feel unwanted. This takes a toll on relationships. 

A patient of Major Depressive Disorder is very much like a sullen, silent and sulking kid who doesn't even know why he is upset. You give him candy, or his favorite toy, he will still have the same numb expression.

Worst part is, just when you think you are feeling a bit better, it comes back with a vengeance, and it feels that you are cursed to be miserable forever

Watch this WHO video, to find out how Depression hijacks life if it goes untreated.

"I had a black dog, his name was depression"

As WHO states, " its worst, Depression can be a frightening, debilitating condition. Millions of people around the world live with depression. Many of these individuals and their families are afraid to talk about their struggles, and don't know where to turn for help. However, depression is largely preventable and treatable. Recognizing Depression and seeking help is the first and most critical towards recovery."

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Feminists killed gender equality

Something has to be done, someone has to get up and tell the women that they will not find liberation by becoming clones of men. What they are is enough, what they feel is real. I see women desperate, wanting to prove they are like men. 

That they can drive like men, earn like men, dress like men, fight like men.. why? 

Because they feel inadequate as a woman.

Have a talk with anyone - even the most liberated feminist out there, feels that to gain respect, to achieve gender equality, women need to become men

They'd convince you that only by giving up their feminine qualities, and mindlessly mastering masculine traits, can they be worthy of respect in the society.

If you can leave your child at home with strangers to earn money, u will achieve gender equality in society.
How did they arrive at these lopsided conclusions? 

Because of their lop sided conditioning. Yes we need gender equality, but who said only everything masculine is worth respect, and everything feminine is crap?

Instead of making things balanced, we have managed to make the gender gap even wider. 

We have actually increased the hostility that existed between the sexes.

Do the contemporary feminists have any answers? Is it about equal rights or special privileges, is it about same respect or female supremacy?

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Anarchy Rules

"अब गुजरात में विपक्ष को मुद्दा बिजली का मिला, पानी का, और सड़कों का - तो विपक्ष ने फिर आरक्षण का मुद्दा लेकर हार्दिक पटेल को लाकर खड़ा कर दियाI" - विक्की पंडित

Shri Hardik Patel supported Shri Kejriwal/AAP in 2014, and now Shri Kejriwal is open in supporting Patel in his 'cause'.


Hardik Patel's links with AAP are becoming more apparent - he also mentioned Kejriwal in his speeches, and is not denying his connection with AAP, but he got visibly rattled when media asked about his connection with Kejriwal, and left the interview midway.

Moreover, his close aide from PAAS (Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti) - Chirag Patel, who is always seen at his side, contested the 2012 Gujarat assembly elections (on Gujarat Parivartan Party's ticket) against BJP's Anandiben Patel. He later joined AAP, as the news reports say, Hardik Patel himself supported AAP in 2014.

Such hooligans! Both use the same modus operandi - demand pointless things, go on dharnas, provoke the police by pelting stones, cry victim when police tries to control the violent agitation, gain public sympathy; media loves the drama for the sheer TRP, and you get public sympathy! 

But how dangerous it is for the masses when such riots occur – how many get injured, how much public property gets damaged - who cares! We are anarchists - we only know how to destroy, we do not take responsibility of anything! 

Since NO real issues left to counter BJP in Gujarat, a non-issue is being concocted by the Opposition and political parties which are vying for space in Gujarat. 

Interesting to look at the role of the MEDIA here - creating a hype around him - in exact SAME manner which they did with Kejriwal and his Jan Lokpal drama. It is not just amusing, but also infuriating to see when media terms such goons as full of "youth power".  

I had a déjà vu about media eulogizing Shri Kejriwal in a similar manner.

But it is curious to see there are some who get fooled by the media hype – and actually believe Hardik Patel is fighting for a 'cause' or fighting for the good of his people! (Déjà vu again!) Just like AAP/Kejriwal manage to do so.

Image credits - Manoj Kureel

The current CM of Gujarat is a Patel, Hardik Patel himself comes from a political family background, and he wants to convince us that Patels are the new "backwards" of Gujarat! 
Even a little child in Gujarat knows how powerful and influential the Patel community is there.

Wish the media would just use some objectivity and portray this man for what he is - a shrewd, dangerous man with political ambitions; just like other reservation advocates. He is a goon who carries and flaunts weapons publicly, scary to see media painting as a 'hero'!

You can always trust an AAP supporter to create mindless dramas and riots. Hardik Patel seems to be a Congress/AAP stooge, who is extremely good at fooling the masses and provoking them to spread anarchy.  He is definitely a poisonous speaker who incites violence and malice. He has someone backing him, time will tell what his real agenda is.   

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Vedic Parenting Tips

Vedic Parenting Tips

Modern science of parenting is full of contradictions, every decade the researchers and social psychologists seem to come up with different approaches to parenting, you will find big shelves of bookstores full of parenting books, which often offer completely different advice on parenting.

This leads to a confusing and bewildering sense among the first time parents. especially living in cities, in nuclear families - it does not seem clear which exactly is the right approach to parenting. 

For those parents who are interested, here are some eternal facts and parenting principles as in accordance to Vedic wisdom, which have been constant since times immemorial. 

Being a parent myself, I have also struggled with trying my best to nurture and guide my daughter so that I can do my duty as a parent faithfully. I have found the following points extremely beneficial.

Kindly find below, some excellent Vedic parenting tips, nicely summarized by Smt. Sunandaji daughter-disciple of Swami Parthasarathy:

1. Children have enormous amount of energy. They need a proper direction in life, that energy should not be curbed or stifled. Constant correction does not help them in any way; it will eventually lead to strained relationship between parents and children. Parents need to learn to deal with that energy in positive manner and help the child to direct that energy.

2. Every child has an inherent personality, which is called in Sanskrit as Swadharma (innate nature). Parent ought to understand it, and support it – it is parents' obligation to develop that nature, instead of guiding the child based on their own personal convenience or whims & fancies.

3. If you force children to do things, children will disobey and detest the correction. Therefore, it parents need to teach children by setting examples, not sermonizing to children.

4. Some of the important values which parents need to live up to, as good human beings are:
• to learn to give, rather than take
• to develop an unselfish attitude for others
• In any relationship, we need to do our duty towards others

Link for the video:

More more media from VedantaWorld you can visit this link:

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ratnakar & Rishi Narad


Upanisha Ganga, Episode 3 - ज्ञान लाए परिवर्तन (Knowledge Transforms)

The third episode of Upanishad Ganga narrates the story of the dacoit Ratnakar and Rishi Narad. 

Ratnakar is used to blaming others for his fate. He blames the system, the King, and justifies his actions. Ratnakar plays the victim, but Narad explains to him that he alone had created his own miserable world for himself until now. 

But he also has the power to create a new, positive and constructive world with the dint of his potential. All he has to do is to become aware of this, and learn to take his own responsibility.

After interaction with Rishi Narad, the dacoit Ratnakar introspects and realizes the folly of his ways. He works towards self-realization and is able to tap the latent power of the Aatman.

The same man who was once a feared and infamous bandit, (after gaining knowledge of his potential) goes onto create one of the most revered and profound epics known to humankind – Ramcharitmanas and becomes famous as Rishi Valmiki.

That is the power of self-knowledge, as is proclaimed in the Bhagwad Gita (6.5):

उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं नात्मानमवसादयेत्।
आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बन्धुरात्मैव रिपुरात्मनः॥६-५॥

Hindi translation: अपने (विवेक युक्त मन) द्वारा अपना (इस भव-सागर से) उद्धार करे और अपने को अधोगति में न डाले क्योंकि यह मनुष्य स्वयं ही अपना मित्र है और स्वयं ही अपना शत्रु है ॥६-५॥

English translation: One has to free oneself (from the bondage of this world) by utilizing one’s rightful mind. Let one not downgrade oneself; by immersing the Self in the world, for you are your own friend and you are your own enemy (if you do not do work towards self-realization).

In other words, do not get too lost in this world (people, situations) around you. You must strive to seek the divine within, work for self-realization. You are your own friend, and you are your own enemy. You alone can work towards your Mukti.

Bottom-line: Each human being has immense potential within. It is due to lack of self-knowledge that we suffer our fate. 

You can watch these episodes online:

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